Building proximity at scale.

The Center for Lived Experience is a groundbreaking participatory research, proximate policy, and community building initiative

Integrating the insights, data, and leadership of people with lived experience to re-architect the child welfare system

A new approach to catalyze systems change:

Participatory Research

Design and lead lived experience-driven research that informs critical movements in child welfare
Co-produce research with people with lived experience
Expand our data reflecting the needs of 38K+ lived experts
Publish findings to enable shared understanding and evidence-based decision-making across the system

    Community Building

    Create infrastructure for proximity between people with lived experience and decision-makers
    Build a diverse community of individuals with lived experience to shape key movements
    Co-design and implement disruptive interventions
    Facilitate ecosystem partnerships

      Proximate Policy

      Codify policy and practice that work through shifting the way laws are made, carried out, and enforced
      Develop a new framework for policymaking that centers lived experience at every step of the process
      Embed our tools, technology, and resources to authentically engage lived experience
      Facilitate ecosystem partnerships

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        the Center for Lived Experience.

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        The Center will work to build an equitable foster care ecosystem where:

        People with lived experience direct the system to meet their needs.

        Voices and feedback at all levels collectively shape policy and practice.

        Why us?

        Why now?

        Centering lived experience is in our DNA
        Covid-19 has created an unprecedented opportunity for disruption of the status quo
        We are known and trusted across the research, policy, and community fields
        Newly disseminated research has shed light on the impacts of trauma
        We offer a 360 degree perspective through robust partnerships with diverse stakeholders
        There is movement for nationwide reform
        We strategically take on the most challenging problems in child welfare
        New and expanded government funding streams exist

        Champions of Lived Experience

        Help us honor the people, projects, and initiatives that have laid the foundation of centering lived experience in child welfare.