Actionable Steps & Best Practices

We value transparency, contributing to the good of the larger child welfare ecosystem. Think of Us shares our key learnings in such a way that our work is accessible, translatable and replicable.


Action to Take -


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What organizations do you have proximity to, whether as a donor, client, volunteer, advocate or employee?  Every organization with proximity to youth in child welfare should be paying attention and centering lived experience.  Here’s how you can support this critical practice become a reality!

  1. Ask each and every organization, workplace, etc. that you are involved with, whether as a donor, volunteer, employee or advocate how they center lived experience - when asked what that looks like, share this Menu of Lived Experience as a starting place/example
  2. Select a Case Study shared below that resonates and bring it forward to the team.  Spark a conversation by sharing with the person you work most closely with - schedule time for a conversation to learn more about how and where it might apply.   Share with the Board for consideration and ask how it relates to organizational direction. 
  3. Insert Policy Example about how to share with policy makers at state/county/federal level