Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, distributed power, and belonging. That means building a community within TOU where each person feels empowered to be their full selves – by honoring their individual lived experiences and multi-faceted identities – so they can do their best work. This is core to our success as an organization, creating an internal culture that mirrors the equitable systems we hope to create in the world.

Our Grounding Principles map out what we’re looking to deconstruct and then build both internally and externally.


Build & create conditions for:

Imbalances of power

Centering lived experience

Inherited practices & narrow definitions

Inclusive possibilities & constant evolution

Misperception that people can be broken

Everyone can heal, develop & thrive

Inequities and structural hierarchies

Social justice

TOU’s leadership team is currently working on a 2023 DEI roadmap – inclusive of trainings and updated working norms – to ensure our commitment to DEI shows up in everyone’s day-to-day experience.