The Basics 


Here are some basic things to know about working at Think of Us:

  • Work hours are from 9ish to 5ish
  • 24-hour access to the office 
  • Free on-street parking in the back or affordable parking lots near by
  • Pet friendly
  • Most of our walls are dry erase  

Our Benefits 

download (10).png

Think of Us is constantly building its benefits package as we grow. At this time we offer:

  • Health insurance
  • Complimentary life insurance policy
  • Generous PTO plan
  • All Federal Holidays Off 
  • 401k

Our Work Environment

Think of Us has a start up culture, but it's not your typical "start up". We move in sprints; taking in large amounts of information and data and then executing. Every team member shares  a family-like relationship with one another and we hope to extend this kind of relationship with new teammates.



Day to Day 

No two weeks have ever been the same. Being a start-up means we are always changing gears, and doing new and exciting things every week.

How we approach problems 

Being in the start up culture, it is easy to say we always run into new problems. But that also mean an opportunity to learn something new from the experience. We are always open minded in our problem solving and communicate the issue openly. Respecting and valuing each individual team member's opinion is the core success in our company's problem solving culture. 

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Outside of Work 

Most of the team participates in many activities together outside of work such as running, going to gym, painting, food quest, and much more.

We have a life outside of work  ~.<