Think of Us App

We work with foster care agencies, nonprofits and other organizations to support them as they coach youth through their transition. We are a SaaS, software as a service, which means we partner with our clients by providing staff time. 

The Challenge

There are 107,681 youth in foster care that are not returning home or getting adopted. They will turn 18 or 21 and have to be ready to take care of themselves but with little to no support system they are more likely to experience challenges.

How does it all work? 

Youth Create a support system 

Youth invite staff, family and other adults in their lives to take part in their personal advisory board via our app.  

INCREASE quality and completion of Transition PLaN

Youth work with their personal advisory board to create a transition plan. That plan is then used by social worker, the courts and the advisory board to help coach the young person on their journey. 


Coaching on the journey

Supportive Adults can offer insight via action steps and video coaching within the application to support Youth in achieving their goals. Our process creates a family like support system that encourages long lasting relationships.


Through our platform we collect real-time data in order to implement effective strategies that provide better outcomes. 


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