Job Posting: Senior Front End Developer

About Think of Us

We leverage technology to improve the lives of youth in foster care nationwide. Our ultimate goal is for foster youth to successfully transition into a prosperous adulthood. Supporting foster youth is a communal endeavor that connects employment, education, and abilities. We envision a future where communities are designed to maximize the development and wellness of maturing youth, so that they can transition into healthy, stable, and thriving adults.  Our work to-date has taught us that it is possible to develop a collective impact, not only providing the tools, but also streamlining the systems that help young people utilize the resources at their disposal.

Job Description

Join a high-growth technology non-profit startup where all the executives have a personal connection and passion to foster care. The Senior Front End Developer will report to the CTO. This role will be responsible for Leading and implementing the development and maintenance of program design; Engaging in analyzing code and design in order to ensure a seamless user experience; Ability to debug applications and implement consistent functionality; Ability to work closely with the design and development team to take ideas and translate them to HTML; And to provide feedback and guidance throughout the development process to ensure project clarity and offer support. The ideal candidate is passionate about user experience and stays up to date with the latest technology to implement better methods that ultimately have a positive impact on the users.


As the Senior Front End Developer, you will be responsible for :


●      Developing and implementing consistent and sophisticated web front ends

●      Ability to build a webpage from scratch using purely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

●      Ensuring technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

●      Translating designs from Sketch / Zeplin into HTML

●      Optimizing application for maximum speed and scalability

●      Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of browser compatibility issues

●      Building reusable code and libraries for future use

●      Leading, assisting, and working collaboratively with development team

●      Effectively maintaining and improving the performance of existing software

●      Ability to clearly communicate with the CTO and development team daily, taking part in meetings bi-weekly to discuss future and ongoing projects

●      Designing and updating the platform database regularly

●      Recommending and proposing improvements to existing software programs as necessary

●      Meeting weekly sprint deadlines of tasks assigned

●      Regularly collaborating with other teams this includes the Design team, Video Production team, and Operations team

Qualifications | Skills and Abilities

●      Demonstrated knowledge of web technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3

●      Experience in stylesheet and script minification and optimization

●      High-level knowledge of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery

●      Extensive experience in MVVM frameworks such as Knockout, React and Angular

●      Experience with ASP.NET MVC

●      Strong understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, AJAX and Restful API interactions

●      Proficiency in desktop and browser capabilities

●      Ability to work independently and multi-task

●      Understanding of the business needs to develop cutting edge software

●      Adaptability to overcome software development obstacles that may occur

●      Ability to research solutions to overcome roadblocks

●      Ability to communicate effectively new technology to others

●      Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure

●      Highly detail-oriented

Qualifications | Education and Experience

●      Four-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Software Engineer or equivalent field or equivalent experience

●      5+ years of experience in frontend engineering

    Work Environment

    The environment of this position is in an open office setting located in Richmond, VA. This role requires to travel an estimate of 20%.

    How to Apply

    Please apply by sending your resume and cover letter plus salary requirements to  In the subject line please include the job title you are applying for.