Manager, Scaled Marketing Campaigns + Analysis


Who We Are

Think of Us (TOU) operates as an R+D lab for child welfare. We take on strategic - and opportunistic -  projects with the goal of causing “good trouble” and ultimately, driving concrete, structural changes in policy, practice, resource flows, power dynamics, relationships and mental models.

Our ultimate goal is to build proximity so that those with Lived Experience in child welfare (former foster youth and those surrounding them) are fully integrated into every level and every decision of the system, ensuring everyone touched by child welfare has the conditions they need to Heal, Develop and Thrive.

We work across the ecosystem of current and former foster youth, child welfare workers, philanthropists and policymakers to Spark, Support and Drive to change the power dynamics to systematically center those with lived experience in child welfare.

    The Role

    Think of Us is doing revolutionary work, and we need your help deepening our connection to our community – current and former foster youth, partners, supporters, and beyond – through scaled digital outreach. Developing a way to thoughtfully and effectively communicate + share crucial resources with our growing youth network is a particular priority of ours, so building that strategy and workflow will be a core focus of your work. Success across all audiences + channels means having recipients responding to your call-to-actions.

    Some questions to explore and solve in this role: how can we efficiently create and send engaging and impactful content to a broad audience? What outreach channels work and what don’t? How can we make each campaign better than the last? If you are creative and analytical, scrappy and quality-obsessed, you could be a great fit!

    A recent challenge we tackled: we wanted to share out a new grant opportunity for youth in California, and we needed to segment our user database to establish our campaign audience. We then needed to contact them via the most impactful channels – which meant some rapid trial and error – and ensure that they got the right information at the right moment. The work was a frantic scramble... and it was also an audacious undertaking that connected an unprecedented number of youth with crucial government funds.

    At Think of Us, we’re proud of our dynamic and sometimes chaotic culture – it means we’re ready to meet challenges and opportunities as they emerge. You must be comfortable operating effectively even when priorities are shifting, tasks are ambiguous, and many strong perspectives are existing in the same room at once.


    • BIG PICTURE: translate the outreach visions + needs of team’s across the company into a reality! 
    • You will own the full scaled outreach lifecycle: a) segment contact lists; b) define an outreach plan; c) develop + test messaging; d) get results; and e) MOVE QUICKLY! 
    • Audit our existing scaled communication channels and identify quick wins and a long-term outreach strategy.
    • Establish policies and workflows for reaching out to each “segment” of our community: how and when we reach out to youth is different from how we connect with our funders, and that protocol needs to be implemented.
    • Dig into our data. Decide what success metrics we should be looking at and at what cadence. Move the needle on them.
    • Audit our existing tooling and identify + fill gaps. Ensure the right people are trained on the right things. 
    • Ensure our strategy and messaging is tailored to and resonates with the target audience, whether individuals who experienced foster care or state coordinators or donors.
    • Sample initiatives: 1) A new resource is available to young people that fit specific criteria. Our programs team wants to reach them urgently to make sure they get the support they need. Campaign success means it is launched quickly, the right people are contacted, and an ambitious % of recipients take action; 2) Our Development team is planning an annual appeal and is building a cohesive marketing strategy with you and our Senior Manager of Communications. You are charged with designing + executing an email + text campaign that drives results – A/B test, measure, and iterate; 3) TOU releases a new participatory research study and wants to share it widely, tailoring the approach across audiences to drive action. You own segmenting the audiences and measuring core KPIs like click-through’s, downloads and # of actions taken.


    • 3+ years of role-specific experience; experience communicating to the audiences most relevant to our work including those experiencing foster care (or similar systems), young people ages 14-29, black and brown communities and those   experiencing deep poverty is preferred
    • Demonstrated track record of a) working cross-functionally to develop outreach plans; b) independently executing multi-channel campaigns; and c) analyzing success + iterating accordingly
    • Deep understanding of scaled outreach best practices; ability to implement them as well as policies + workflows in a new environment
    • Analytical prowess and comfort using data + metrics to drive decisions + A/B test messaging; must be able to independently conduct analysis using tools like Excel, Tableau, etc.
    • Excellent project management + organizational skills; relentless commitment to getting stuff done well + on time
    • Strong verbal and writing communication skills; you should be able to independently draft scaled communications; our in-house copywriter can support you as needed!
    • Experience in a start-up environment, where plans rapidly evolved, is a plus
    • Fluency in GSuite + other tech tools like Asana + Slack
    • Deep commitment to our mission and nuanced understanding of systemic, structural racism and inequity
    • Lived experience and/or proximity to Child Welfare, whether as former foster youth, kinship family or other is a plus

    Perks / Timings / Salary

    • We provide generous health, dental, & vision coverage for you and dependents as well as a 401k plan for your pre-tax retirement contributions
    • We're a remote team with schedule flexibility
    • We have a flexible vacation policy
    • We hold biweekly team-wide learning sessions to deepen our understanding of the lived experience of foster youth
    • We put you at the cutting edge of change in the Child Welfare system
    • We provide the opportunity for you to interact with leading voices in government, foundations, the nonprofit world, and entertainment working to reform child welfare

    Salary range of $60,000-$70,000 dependent on experience of delivering results.