Our foster care system is failing

The most challenging problems we face in society share a common intersection point: foster care.

The system designed to protect,
is harming youth and families.

The foster care system as designed is not working.

The system operates as a hierarchy, with each ring regulating the inner layers. Contributions are valued unequally based on where a player exists in the circle.

There is little connection between decision makers and those directly affected by the system - people with lived experience. This fundamental disconnect leads to significant unintended consequences for youth and families.

The solution is to completely redesign
the foster care system.

Data in child welfare is out of touch with the day-to-day realities of people who experience the system, fragmented across states, inconsistently collected, and outdated.
To address this, we must deploy universal best practices - build solutions around human-centered research and leverage data to solve problems

Think of Us is poised to lead the redesign.

Why us?

Why now?

Centering lived experience is in our DNA
Covid-19 has created an unprecedented opportunity for disruption of the status quo
We are known and trusted across the research, policy, and community fields
Newly disseminated research has shed light on the impacts of trauma
We offer a 360 degree perspective through robust partnerships with diverse stakeholders
There is movement for nationwide reform
We strategically take on the most challenging problems in child welfare
New and expanded government funding streams exist

We’ve built an effective approach to understand and disrupt problems in the foster care system.