We believe all young people, despite adversity, can become thriving adults.


The Challenge

There are 107,681 youth in foster care that are not returning home or getting adopted. They will turn 18 or 21 and have to be ready to take care of themselves but with little to no support system they are more likely to experience challenges. Studies report that by age 26 we see the following results: 

50% are making less than$10,000 a year
     30% experience homeless                            
3 % will get a 4 year degree

Our Approach

Empower youth to use our app to build their own personal advisory board of supportive adults that will coach them through their transition out of foster care. 

Increase program and system efficiency with digital tools that help streamline transition planning, resource recommendations and referrals to programs.  

Move current practice from traditional case management to a client center and data driven goal-focused coaching framework for youth and their supportive adults.

Join our mission by investing in youth. All donations are tax deductible.