Bridging the divide between policy, practice, and people.

Think of Us takes on strategic projects with partners across the country designed to provoke catalytic change. This begins by gathering a 360-degree perspective of the problems from “lived experts” – children and families proximate to the system – policymakers, practitioners, and other on-the-ground stakeholders. We then work with lived experts and a diverse array of partners to design, test and iterate solutions, whether implemented by TOU or others. Finally, we work to codify effective changes into policy, shift mental models, and re-direct resource flows so that solutions will be far-reaching and permanent.

Center For Lived Experience

The Center for Lived Experience (CLE) – a groundbreaking participatory research, proximate policy, and community-building initiative – integrates the insights, data, and leadership of people with lived experience to re-architect the child welfare system.

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Direct Impact

We work hand-in-hand with lived experts to create and execute scalable solutions to urgent everyday challenges. These direct services also provide on-the-ground feedback to us about conditions facing foster youth and families.

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